International Commission of Diplomatic Relation Human Rights and Peace

Vice President for Europe, ICDRHRP

 HRH General GM Prof. Dr Ataman Hristo Georgiev, ELLD, Ph.D, DPS.

Army General, World Cossack Union

Chairman, International Counter Terrorist Center.

Governor General for Europe, ICDRHRP

His Eminence Grand Prince General Dr Paolo Giovanni Borbone Ribezzi.

Grand Prince & Grand Emperor, House Ribezzi de Bourbon of Magrivon Habsburg Lothringen.

High Commissioner for Europe, (Dept. of Social Economy & Disaster Management), ICDRHRP

Col. Cdr Prof. Dr  Rudolf Nikolic

Colonel Commander & Ambassador Serbia, Bulgarian Commandos (Registered with Ministry of Defense & Interior, Bulgaria Government &Accredited by ICTU & Council of Europe)

Ambassador Extraordinary & Grand Patron, Europe

His Royal Highness Dom Rosario Poidimani

Grand Emperor & Commander General, Ordens de Cavalaria  da  Real Casa de Portugal

Grand Emperor & Prsident, Istituto Inter.le Relazioni Diplomatiche - Iter Ammissione Nuovi Membri.

Chancellor for Europe and National Vice President for United Kingdom & Switzerland.

Professor  Terence Mc Ivor, MCA, MET, Ph.D, Ed.D.

Executive Director for United Kingdom, International Council on Global Conflict Resolution

International Grand Register of the International Chartered World Learned  Society.

Grand Knight Commander, Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace.

Member of the Society of Chemical Industry.

Member of the American Chemical Society.

Vice Chancellor for Europe, ICDRHRP

Hon. Mr Serkan Kontas

National President of Germany, Council of Inter-Parliament Organizations

Child's Rights Advocate & Member of Royal House of Europe.

National President & General Ambassador for Romania, ICDRHRP

Hon. Gratiela Avram

Vice President-Master Peace NGO.

National Director & Ambassador of Romania, Council of Inter-Parliament Organizations IGO