International Commission of Diplomatic Relation Human Rights and Peace

Senior Vice President & Ambassador Extraordinary, ICDRHRP

Vice President for African Region

HRH Grand Emperor General Ludwig Falkenstein, ELLD, Ph.D, DPS, D.Div.

Supreme Emperor General, Gov IUKAC (Monarchy Government Organization)

Grand Chief Justice, Gov IUKAC Royal Division Court and International Human Rights Euro & America Nobiliare Court.

Grand Emperor General & President, Gov IUKAC United Nation (IGO).

Director General & Ambassador Extraordinary African Region, ICDRHRP

HE. Amb. Dr. Sir Zelly MIGHTY, Ph.D, DPS, DD, D.Hum.

Founder, Chairman & Ambassador Extraordinary, World Humanity Commission IGO.

Ambassador at-Large, World BUDO Federation.

General Ambassador for Africa, European Union Citizens Assembly

Governor General, African Region, ICDRHRP 

Ambassador Dr Joseph Rankin

Founder President-Bishop & Ambassador At Large,

Diplomatic Commissions Africa IGO.