About Us:
International Commission of Diplomatic Relation Human Rights and Peace is an international, non-for-profit, Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organization legally established by treaties under the Resolutions of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (18th April, 1961) and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (18th April, 1963) to promote international co-operation; accepted and registered as Inter Government Organization with CONSULTATIVE STATUS from United Nations-DESA; Registered & Accredited as Inter Government Organizations by UN-Global Compact, Government of Commonwealth, International Council on Sovereign State, International Commission of Jurist  and Council of Europe alongside accredited as IGO with Council of Inter-Parliament Union (IGO;UN-ECOSOC Accredited), The Canadian Health Science Institute IGO, World Parliament (IGO;UN-ECOSOC Accredited), Corte Brazileira De Justica Arbitral E Eclesiatica (IGO), CONACCE Chaplaincy & Amnesty International etc.


Our Theme

A right is not what someone gives you, It's what no one can take away from you.

Our Mission

International Commission of Diplomatic Relation Human Rights and Peace cooperates with wide range of national, regional and international partners to promote and protect the human rights standards enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Establishing Diplomatic treaties, Conflict Prevention, Reconciliation and Peace-building, Justice, Democracy, and Sustainable Development.